Interview with Aaron Fozzard

Interview with Aaron Fozzard

He came to Helensvale Baptist as a Helensvale State High School student back at the beginning of the last decade! He came to know Jesus and developed a passion and heart to work with youth in the years ahead. Soon Aaron Fozzard was working with Stefan Maslen, our Youth pastor and after working in a variety of jobs he went to Malyon College and started interning with Stefan. With the formation of CrossLife Aaron stepped into the Youth Pastor role at Helensvale as Stefan moved to plant the new Highland Reserve campus. Soon his passion was identified by Queensland Baptists as Aaron had started putting a day a week into Youth Pastors in QB churches across the state.

We have had the privilege of seeing this young man grow into a discipler of people who want to find and follow Jesus. It has been a great ride. We now have the privilege of letting him go as last Sunday Aaron confirmed God’s leading to move on from CrossLife pastoral staff. He is not totally sure if or where yet, that will be announced later we are sure. But Aaron we thank you and look forward to partnering with you in however God leads you in the future. You are a blessing to many, including us. God bless you brother as you step out in faith to follow Him.

See Aaron’s interview played at CrossLife campuses this week


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