Next Step Internship Program

Next Step Internship Program

The CrossLife Next Step Internship Program is for anyone wanting to grow in their knowledge and experience of God while getting practical, hands-on experience in church-based ministry at Crosslife.

You will develop your Leadership Skills – helping you grow in your understanding of leadership and practice of leadership.

You will deepen your relationship with Jesus – learning how to minister to people in a supportive environment of learning from others;

You will discover more about yourself – exploring your God-given potential, helping you unlock the amazing gifts He has given you and identifying the next step in your life.

Whether you are a young person just starting out, or someone older who is exploring your heart for the Lord more deeply and the way in which you want to serve God, Next Step will be time for walking with others and receiving input from knowledgeable leaders experienced in Church ministry.

Our aim is that when you graduate from the Next Step Program, your leadership skills and capacities will have been refined and expanded so that, whichever path you choose after the Program, you walk well in the world to the glory of Jesus.

For more information email or speak to Dean or Simone Herring.


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