Service of Shadows

Service of Shadows

A ceremony dating back to the 4th century AD and focusing on the shadows falling on our Lord Jesus in the last days of His life on earth.

The shadows are presented as readings from Scripture. Readers will read their Scripture selection in the published order from the back of the Church. They will begin by announcing the SHADOW followed by the reading of their passage; they will then announce the SHADOW again.  At the conclusion of each Shadow reading there will be a brief pause as a candle is extinguished.

At the conclusion of the ceremony we will sit for a time, in darkness, as we meditate on the implications and meaning of the Scripture we have heard.  Then a solo item will be sung, following which we will continue to meditate silently before moving quietly from the church.  We will remain in darkness right through this part of the service and we would ask you to leave the church silently.
Helensvale Campus – 7pm


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