The Good News is about Easter

The Good News is about Easter

It is an understatement to describe the Christchurch massacre as horrific. Especially when it brings man’s inhumanity to man so close to home. We cannot escape this reality.

The news media cycle does not help either. It exploits our fears by sensationalising and overplaying scenes and stories for the purpose of ratings.

Jump to another story in the same news feed where a young Islamic reporter working for Sky News says she resigned because Sky News opinions were too right wing. And spoke only of a culture that promoted hate speak. (ABC News: Opinion 19 Mar 19). Our cultural views are naturally different in a pluralistic society.

You could say that the bubble we live in is not aware of what is happening around the world. On the same news day the Turkish Prime Minister says at a rally “You (Aus and NZ) heinously killed 50 of our siblings. You will pay for this”

For those of you who are aware of ‘Eternity News’ there is often an article about mostly Muslim extremists and governments killing people who have assembled to worship in a Christian church. Then there is the persecution of Christians worldwide. It happens regularly and almost never makes our main stream media. Read “Persecution growing in spread and intensity: Open Doors”.

And just in case you think this hate is restricted to religious groups, in the 1900’s over 120 million people were killed by atheist led governments.

Man’s inhumanity to man started with Cain and Able and rose to split the world from Abraham’s time to  Jacob and Esau who crafted a new division between peoples that still promotes the sins of the fathers to this day.

The only thing in any religion or non-religion thinking that addresses this reality is the Death and Resurrection of Jesus. And the promises from Scripture that are associated with this once off world event. The world has no other solution available. And yet people turn away from the eternal and full life promised by God our Father if we choose Him.

In this Easter period please take time to consider the teachings of Christ in the Gospels and from the Book of Romans that we are looking at. It’s a duty that you owe to yourself to be truly free from this cycle of man’s inhumanity to man. To become a genuine peacemaker.



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