‘A Good Man…’

'A Good Man...'

Many say Jesus was a ‘Good Man’.     But he cannot be!    He can only be either a deranged liar, or who he said he is, the Son of God!

Good Man’ just doesn’t cut it, for he claimed that… ‘I and the Father are one’.     This assertion that he is God is either true or false.     If it is false then he is telling porkies and therefore a ‘con man’ not a ‘Good Man’.

That he could have been mentally unbalanced just doesn’t fit with his down to earth teaching and approach to life.

Then there are the miracles…

If he is the ‘Son of God’ then he has two words for us we must hear…’Follow Me’.     Nothing else in life is as important as our response to these two words!

I’m sure you find this as much of a struggle as I do, for following Jesus’ footsteps always leads away from self.

At the first steps the ‘Me’ seems to shrink and weaken with an accompanying sense of loss.    But then there comes the realization of significance in God, strength that wasn’t there before, peace with yourself and contentment with your lot in life.

It seems that a lot of our difficulties in life stem from the fact that we want the ‘Devil to flee from us’ but haven’t fulfilled the other part of the contract.

Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.  James 4:7

Directing our own footsteps leaves us outside the ‘King’s Realm’ where we are on our own to be manipulated by the world, the flesh and the devil.

Following Jesus’ footsteps puts us in the ‘King’s Realm’.  Here, we are under His authority where His will is done and where He can order and influence our lives and circumstances.


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