Anna’s Baptism Testimony

Anna's Baptism Testimony

A couple of weeks ago at our Southport Campus, we baptised a wonderful young lady, Anna. Below is Anna’s story in finding Jesus.

Anna writes;

…Just like anyone else who has a desire about something such as money, fame or more, I kept chasing after earthly things. I did whatever it took to get what I wanted. But after becoming a Christian, those earthly things didn’t seem to matter to me anymore. I feltl at ease like never before.

I am so thankful to my mum who pointed me to Jesus. As I got closer to God, my mum taught and explained to me the meaning of life, that God wants us to treasure Him. I learned that although difficult situations will come, with Jesus I will never walk alone. He will always be there for me, helping me whenever I need him most, just as he brought me in to His family. 

I  am getting baptised to show God I am surrendered to Him, and ready to live the life he wants me to live.


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