Are you satisfied?

Are you satisfied?

In 2008 when we had left the ministry of SBC, as the Southport campus was called, we believed that God had led us to the point where we recognized the value and importance of small groups. So we were greatly encouraged when we arrived in 2008 at HBC, as the Helensvale campus was called, that it was looking in great detail at becoming a Life group based church.

There was great discussion of the importance of small groups and, as far as I could tell, there was great agreement with the concept that both the Sunday gathering and Life groups were vital for the growth of each individual of the church. The vision presented was that these groups would be reaching upward (to God), inward (to each other), outward (to those outside) and forward (in discipleship). It’s amazing how CrossLife, as we are now known, has changed since then.

We are a multisite church, now also with the Highland Reserve campus flourishing well on the other side of the highway.  Of course those four directions that the Life group vision presented back then don’t change do they?  No matter what sort of church we are.

  • God still calls us to walk with him.
  • God still calls us to walk with each other.
  • God still calls us to walk with the world.
  • God still calls us to invite others to walk with us in a journey toward him.

Where do you find it easiest to do these?  Are any of them missing?

Are you satisfied with your walk or could there be more?



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