Badge Engineering

Badge Engineering

One would expect MG to stand for something of magnificence…royalty, perhaps, certainly not just humble ‘Morris Garages’, but, there you are.

In 1925 Morris Garages started assembling MG bodies on chassis supplied by another manufacturer. These sports cars were cheap and performed well and quickly became popular. So much so that during WW2 RAF airfield car parks were filled with them. Fly-boys loved the performance, price, and the fact that they attracted girls like moths to a flame. (I have quite an affinity with the MG in the pic. We are the same age, don’t attract girls anymore, suffer similar wear and tear problems and have absolutely no possibility of conforming to local emissions regulations.)

Around 1952, The British Motor Corp took over MG and began ‘Badge Engineering’ by placing MG motifs on their own range of vehicles. The worst instance of this charade had to be the 1962 Morris 1100. They could not have picked a car further from MG’s sporting heritage. MG fans simultaneously freaked out globally.

My first question for you today is, “Can you, unlike the 1962 Morris 1100, wear the MG (My God) badge with authenticity?” My second question will give you the answer to the first. “Why do you attend CrossLife?” If your answer is, “Because God has called me to be here,” then I think you can because true disciples seek out God’s will and follow it regardless of the cost. I have been around CrossLife for nearly twenty years and heard all the reasons people give for leaving. “I don’t like the preaching”, “My feelings have been hurt”, “Nobody talks to me”, “They moved the piano!”…. Only one person ever told me that God was calling him to serve at another church. Jesus was always talking of doing the will of God and he summed it up like this…”Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny himself and take up their cross and follow me” Matt 16:24. We will never be able to walk “Arm in Arm” unless we fully take on board this command and wear the MG badge authentically.

Always, the hardest thing in my life has been to do the will of God. And the alternative has always been to just be a Morris 1100.

Oh, by the way, you can still buy a new MG in Australia, just Google ‘New MG’.  And yes…it’s made in China!


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