Be Still & Know That I Am God

Be Still & Know That I Am God

So often in today’s society everyone is rushing!  Schedules are full, spare time is sparse and we race from one task to the next.  I know personally that I often feel like I’m rushing my kids!  Not giving them a chance to just ‘be’ and enjoy the moment.

My favourite days are often the days where I’m at home with the four kids all day.  We have no appointments, no tasks, no distractions and we can enjoy each other!  We can have moments of stillness- enjoying God’s creation.  We have the opportunity to be creative and explore the gifts God has given us.  There is so much value in just ‘being’.

Psalm 46:10 says ‘Be still and know that I am God.’

Perhaps we need to clear some time in our schedules each day to just ‘be still’ and invite God into these moments with us.



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