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introducing… NITE SHIFT…

Nite Shift is a program for students in year 11&12. It currently sees 4-6 regular students come along and have their own space. We have been to Bounce, iPlay and to see a movie, as well as a games and pizza night and hangouts at the park. We even have a mascot. What I have found great in this group is the relaxed welcoming atmosphere, where the pressures of school, life and the world can be left behind, even if only for a couple of hours. They can let go of “society norms” and just be. The goal of Nite Shift is to do what they want to do. If they want to study, we’ll study, if they want to go on an adventure, we’ll do that. Although it isn’t all just about hanging out. I know that the students attending not only chat when we meet, but they will check in with each other and see how they are going. They are finding who they are in this space, and then going out into the world. Please be praying for the Nite Shifters as some will be taking their final exams and graduating, and as we welcome year 10 students to come and join in. For information on Nite Shift contact or

CrossLife Kids & Youth…

COMING UPCar WashCrossLife Youth and Young Discoverers Helensvale will be working together for a car wash to raise money for Bibles for the graduating students at YD and for the Youth. October 3rd at CrossLife Helensvale. Times to come. Taster TermTerm 4 sees our Taster Term for both Youth and Nite Shift returning. If you know someone in grade 6, they can come along to our Youth events, and those in grade 10 welcomed to join in Nite Shift. For Information on Nite Shift – contact or N.B. As processes and circumstances change and develop, so will our programs.

Ping Pong-A-Thon

Ping Pong-A-Thon. Let’s end the exploitation, trafficking and slavery of young people in our world.People from CrossLife Youth and other other ministries will be playing Ping Pong over the course of 24hrs at different locations, to raise money and awareness to stop slavery and human trafficking. Please check out THIS EVENT for more info. As spacing in venues will be limited, tickets will be needed. Please start to sign up from Saturday 12th September.

Examine your heart…

I’m grateful that we are currently doing a series on thankfulness (yes, pun intended)! There are many ways to encourage and cultivate thankfulness within our lives. One such way is simply to reflect on the day that was. On the first Sunday in this series, I shared the ‘Prayer of Examen’ (or a slightly modified version of the original by Ignatius of Loyola) – a prayer, or perhaps series of questions or thoughts that can shape our reflecting and praying. I encourage you once (or more) this week to use it to reflect on what we have been grateful to God for. Be grateful for God’s blessings (ask God to reveal). (Eph 5:20, Col 3:17) Review the day with openness and gratitude, looking for times when God has been at work and times you may have ignored him. Pay attention to your emotions in order to listen to God. (Why do I feel that way? – Ps 139:23) Express sorrow for sin and ask for God’s forgiving love. (1 Jn 1:9-10) Pray for the grace to be more available to God who loves you. (Rom 12:1)As Christ followers we are a grateful people. Jesus has given us plenty to be grateful. I pray over you favour where you go with gratitude over grumbling. Stef Maslen, Upper Coomera campus Pastor.

ORANGE TIP: #Grateful

Despite the obvious negatives and devastation that have come from this COVID season, I am grateful for a few things that may not have been possible if not for it. Quality family time. Life can get pretty crazy as we know, but COVID for a lot of people has meant they can slow down and spend time together as a family. I have heard wonderful stories of the cool things that families have been able to do together (e.g. bake, have movies nights, go for family walks etc etc.) which were much harder to squeeze into busy schedules beforehand. Personally, I have found more time at home very beneficial for my still-very-new-marriage! Church in a different way. I have really enjoyed the online broadcasts and the interaction online! And though I have not personally been to a physical service yet, I have loved hearing stories of how different yet refreshing our ‘new normal’ church service is. I love how the creative listening space includes and involves people of all ages, but especially our kids! I really believe this will help us feel like a family all the more! Youth Life Groups. COVID actually sped up the process of a few youth life groups forming in the last couple months. As a result of isolation, services stopping and youth going online, there was an increased need among our youth for connection with each other and with Jesus, and we felt an urgency to speed up the process of implementing these life groups. Currently we have 3x small groups running, 2x girls youth years 8-10 and 1x online boys discord group. I have been SO encouraged leading one of the girls youth life groups. I have loved seeing them grow in their desire for God and to learn more about Him through…

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Along with their families, the youth will be partaking in a Car Rally. Hopping on zoom and completing tasks given to them, while driving to different locations. Follow THIS LINK to register. Tickets will go up from 12pm Thursday 10th. Check out the event for more details.

Sunday meetings your questions answered…

Some people have asked questions about the details of how we are running our Sunday meetings now. Please read our ‘FAQ’ (‘Frequently Asked Questions’) Registrations Who do I need to register for? Just myself or my whole family? When registering please register for yourself and all your household members that are attending with you. When do I need to register by? It would help the admin teams if everyone has registered by lunchtime on Friday but if this is not possible, registrations will be open until Sunday morning. What if I forget to register? We are encouraging pre-registration to ensure Sunday mornings flow easier and quicker getting into the service and to ensure we do not go over our numbers. However, if it is your allocated week you may still attend but you will have to fill in your details when you arrive at the service. Please be aware however that if you arrive and we have already reached our limit of attendees then we will be unable to accommodate you. We have allocated an additional 10 spaces each week to accommodate newcomers. 97 +10 = Upper Coomera 80 + 10 = Helensvale 80 + 10 = Southport Do I have to register if I am on the roster? Yes – Those that are on the roster each week MUST still register your attendance so we can keep a live track/tally of number on the day so we do not go over our venue limit. I am wanting to bring along friends and or extra family members, will there be enough room for them? Friends, family and newcomers are always more than welcome and we ask that you register them as you would yourself so we can keep a track/tally of all registrations. Volunteers What if I am sick or…

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ORANGE TIP: We’re back

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to get to one of our campuses for a service the first time since we closed back in March. It was great to see a lot of people again that I hadn’t seen for nearly 6 months. It was weird to not greet each other with a hand shake and to not have a chat after the service with morning tea. To me, it didn’t feel like church, at least how I wanted church. But God had something else to say to me about that. He said it isn’t about what I want and what I can’t do now. Going to church isn’t about me and what I want, it is about Him. Don’t get me wrong, meeting with each other and fellowship is a great thing, but that should not be our number one thought and desire. God should be. If God isn’t the centre of our focus, then what is the point? What is ‘Orange’? Orange is a visual reminder that to help our kids follow Jesus the church and families need to work together.

ORANGE TIP: Take it to God

I recently injured my knee (I’m okay, thanks for asking) so I went down to the chemist and got a knee brace. It hadn’t really gotten better so I went to the doctor. I have appointments coming up and I’ll see how they’ll go. But why did I not go to God? I have access to this amazing creator and healer but I didn’t once go to Him. He has made the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk. He has risen the dead back to life. Why did I not to to God? Maybe I thought I didn’t need to and I could do it myself. I would just buy the support and see a doctor. Maybe I thought it was too small a thing to take to Him and I didn’t want to bother Him. Why would God care about the small stuff. God is all Loving and Caring. He will listen, care and help. It doesn’t matter what it is, He IS there for you.

ORANGE TIP: Another new season

The season we currently find ourselves in is one of constant change. But in talking with others I’m realizing that we are probably about to enter a new kind of season (some of us may have already) – I’m calling it a season of ‘Re-entry’. If we haven’t already, we will soon be re-entering society in a somewhat ‘normal’ way to what was before COVID, maybe just slightly different. However some things we re-enter will be vastly different to what we were used to, for example church on Sundays, and I anticipate we will all feel differently about this. I anticipate some stress and anxiety around re-entering society and around the change we face. I know I was definitely overwhelmed when I eventually went back to Life Group – and that was just a small group! So I think for myself and many others it is going to take a little while for us to adapt to being back in the world so to speak, and I anticipate that a lot of us will find meeting in person regularly again exhausting because it’s been so long and we’re a bit out of practice! I think this upcoming season of ‘Re-entry’ will have its unique challenges just as our current season has. I want to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to take care of yourselves and others as best you can as we re-enter. Find out what recharges you, and make time to do more of that! Check in with your kids, teens, family and wider church family and see how they are going and encourage them to do the same. This is a great opportunity to model and teach our kids and teens healthy self-care habits, as well as looking out for one another. We really can’t walk this…

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