Born to be free

Born to be free

“FREEDOM” is the cry of people everywhere today, yet so many are imprisoned in circumstances. Some of their own doing and others victims of heartache and tragedy. Some are running away from responsibilities and circumstances, only to realise that they are NOT free, but have taken their problems along with them.

It isn’t a change of circumstances that brings freedom but a need for peace of mind and heart. Freedom is a state of the heart which can be experienced deep within one’s being only after repentance and reconciliation with our great Creator, God, through Jesus Christ. “If Jesus liberates you, then you are REALLY FREE” (John 8:36).

Recently I was feeling trapped indoors because of our summer heat-wave with a little baby and four other children, ‘tearing my hair out’ in frustration at all that was happening around me, and unable to think straight because of my overly noisy energetic brood. I consoled myself that just around the corner, when circumstances change things will be easier! God revealed to me that true freedom and peace isn’t dependent on circumstances and happenings, but on my state of heart. Accepting my lot in harmony with the Father in whom I find ‘perfect’ peace, not allowing my circumstances to control me, but living in control of them. I could be FREE in the midst of this rabble & noise. My new attitude also brought a new appreciation of life and family.

I would encourage you to let go of all wrong thoughts and habit patterns. If you are feeling imprisoned by the consuming power of bitterness, selfishness, self-pity, guilt or unforgiveness, combat them with the Word of God, which is our manual for FREEDOM living. Corinthians 10:5 says, “Tear down reasonings and every proud barrier that is raised up against the knowledge of God and lead every thought into subjection to Christ”.

Doing it God’s way may not seem reasonable to us, but it is the only way that works! Often this contradicts our natural feelings, doesn’t it? Renewing our hearts and minds. “You will know the truth and the truth will SET YOU FREE”. (John 8:32). If you want true peace and FREEDOM, try it……YOU CAN’T LOSE!


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