Breakfast Time

Breakfast Time

The ordinary person’s experience of discipleship is:
Sunday….resolution made to follow Jesus 100% [After sermon on taking up one’s cross etc.] Monday….resolution shot to pieces after bust up with the little woman [or… Insert applicable disaster here].
make it up with the missus.
Thursday….forget all about becoming a disciple.
Sunday….start the whole rigmarole all over again.

Peter had a similar experience: -”I will lay down my life for you”. ”I am not one of His disciples!” Misery. Watch from a distance. Go back to fishing.

The trouble with the scenarios above is they are resolutions, not decisions. A decision to deny self can only be made in the real time face of an alternative decision to exalt self. Hence Jesus gives real life examples by saying, “Go the second mile,” “Give your cloak also.”  “Turn the other cheek.”

A decision to take offense or to not take offense has to be made in the heat of the moment and can only be prepared for, not made, beforehand.

Preparation can be done by absorbing Jesus attitudes and letting his mind be in us. Phil 2. Then perhaps we might be better equipped to make good self-denial decisions in real time.

The other Sunday Matt asked the Helensvale congregation how they thought we should pray for our church. Two of the five responses focused on our relationships with each other… unity and love for one another. For these to improve we must pray… and also learn how to keep self in its right place.

So, what’s this got to do with the first meal of the day? Well, next time you have bacon and eggs for breakfast just remember: – the chicken made a contribution to breakfast but the pig was totally committed.

On our journey into discipleship we are each one at this moment positioned somewhere between the chicken and the pig.


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