Christmas Concerts Team to Work with Quiz Worx This Year

Christmas Concerts Team to Work with Quiz Worx This Year

Over the past few years the Youth Team at Helensvale has put together a team to present the Christmas message to 6-8 local schools each summer. This has been done in conjunction with Helene McGowan who coordinates RI teachers in the schools on the Northern Gold Coast. While the Crosslife Team has been able to contribute in a few schools locally, another organisation, Quiz Worx, goes into schools not only on the Gold Coast but throughout Queensland and New South Wales presenting the message of Christmas to something like 75,000 students each year.

Quiz Worx, as a fulltime, professional organisation, have for the last 18 months, been based at the new Crosslife site ‘The Well’ in Upper Coomera, and one of their full-time staff, Mike, is part of the Crosslife family at Upper Coomera campus and contributes to our Kid’s Ministry at Hero Club and Holiday Club. Already this year Quiz Worx have performed their shows and presented the good news about Jesus at Crossroads and at Holiday Club. At Christmas time though Quiz Worx recruits and trains a number of extra teams to meet the huge demand for Christmas shows in schools, and so reached out to Crosslife to see if there was anyone keen to join the team.

As a result, and after discussions with the previous Crosslife Teams, Helene McGowan and Quiz Worx, Crosslife is excited to support Quiz Worx in the presentation of the Christmas story to schools right across the Gold Coast and beyond. Six Crosslifers have auditioned to join Quiz Worx voluntary teams, including five who have previously been involved in the Crosslife teams. Both Quiz Worx and Crosslife are excited at the collaboration which significantly expands the team resources of Quiz Worx in Queensland and at the same time will invest training and experience into Crosslife Young Adults and Youth far beyond Crosslife’s own resources and provide high quality presentations for the schools under the leadership of Quiz Worx. Dean and the First Quarter team are fully supportive of this step and are looking to provide behind-the-scenes assistance where helpful.

If you would like more information about this collaborative ministry or would like to contribute financially to support these Christmas concerts please chat to Dean Herring.

If you would like to financially support Quiz Worx ministry to schools more generally, please contact Matt at Quiz Worx – 0423 037 279


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