Crossroads Appeal

Crossroads Appeal

For nearly ten years Helensvale Crossroads has brought the gospel in life and word to the often neglected community of people with a disability. We are connecting them and their support people with Jesus!

This is our first year of operating independently (since parting with Newlife in August 2018). As with any new venture it has been a steep learning curve with many challenges to navigate. Combined with the NDIS rollout, which started on July 1 last year here on the GC, there has been more change in the past twelve months than in the previous nine years.

To date we have successfully transitioned 19 participants to their new situation. As anticipated, we have lost some participants due to the transition combined with the end of transport funding that was previously used for taxis. Each person’s situation is different and it is a complex time consuming process to transition. These changes effect not only Crossroads but all service providers, carers, guardians and people in disability. Many are overwhelmed and at times confused by the complexities but with what we have learnt in the last twelve months we are able to support them in navigating some of the changes. My hope and prayer has been from the outset of the NDIS, that despite all the change, God’s unchanging love and faithfulness be clear in the continued campus expression of Crossroads@CrossLIfe. With your help we can do this and keep reaching out to many who would not experience God’s love in this unique way otherwise.

As we adjust to the NDIS structure there is a short fall of approximately $2500 per month. The appeal target of $12000 covers this shortfall to see the Crossroads ministry continue to the end of 2019. We are aiming to broaden our funding base for 2020 and beyond. Please consider giving to see Crossroads continue in 2019! All gifts are tax deductible.

One the constant JOYS of Crossroads is to see the amazing volunteer team in action. Over the last year they have embraced changes and stepped up to take on more responsibility. It has been humbling at times when I have been overwhelmed and the team have reminded me of God’s hand being what sustains and leads both Crossroads and us. Their active partnership with God in His work is a living testimony of God’s GENEROSTIY.  Every week they give of their time, energy, thought and loving actions. It is a joy to see each team member grow in their ministry gifts and see how God uses them to bless the Crossroaders and their carers. I encourage you to talk to any of the team and ask them how God is using them at Crossroads.

Through helping people transition I often need to talk directly to many participant’s guardians. It is encouraging to hear these brothers, sisters and parent’s feedback on the impact Crossroads has on their loved one. One participants sister, whose transition was quite complex and took many phone calls back and forth, shared how her sister would choose to dance at their family gatherings because she was comfortable and enjoyed dancing at Crossroads. For this participant without being able to offer a reduced fee she would not be able to continue coming. The families of people like her are very appreciative of what we do and for the financial support that CrossLIfe as a church congregation is giving that allows their family member to continue being a part of our Crossroads community. 

Meaningful connection and participation help many participants who struggle with mental health issues. Recently one elderly father thanked me when I told him how his son would often read the Bible during our service and ask for prayer. He expressed how important this involvement was for his mental wellbeing. 

If you would like to consider your gift in terms of support for a Crossroad participant, the cost for one participant is:
 1 week = $65
 1 month = $260
 1 year (40 week program) = $2600

Giving details
Account name: Compassion Connection Ltd. Crossroads Appeal
BSB : 704913 A/C # : 100001020

All donations and regular payments will go towards Crossroads ministry only and any donation over $2 will be tax deductible.

Each week I ask the team to pray for people as they transition and sometimes for specific people, when their process seems too hard. Many times I have seen God move a mountain to allow that person we have prayed for be able to miraculously keep coming.

Thank you for your continued prayer and support…it does make a difference!  


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