I am one of about thirty volunteers at Crossroads. Crossroads is a program at Helensvale Campus that provides a safe and sociable place for local disabled folk to gather Tuesdays for Worship, Food and Rock and Roll. (Yep, they love Elvis.)

It all starts off with a Worship Service. Then we all knock off for smoko provided by the Kitchen Girls. (Mostly over sixty they are, but you would never know that!). Next, here’s Elvis…or Reptiles on the Run, or the Fire Brigade, the Police, Farm animals to fuss over or even a Square Dance. (That’s worth watching as done with wheelchairs!)

Now the Kitchen Girls serve lunch (Did I mention they don’t look half their age?)

But I need to tell you about the guests…for they are at once both amazing and heartbreaking. Amazing because of their acceptance and perseverance with their lot in life and heartbreaking because of the personal prison within which each is confined.

Guest One… How does one maintain Faith and Hope when all one can do is move one hand just enough to operate one’s wheelchair?

Guest Two…Phenomenal memory, a sharp, quick mind…and Blind.

Guest Three… Physically 100%… Tells me he has had a flight in an F14 Hornet, driven a V8 Supercar. He always comes to the sound desk and tells me to “Pump the Volume to the max!”   Somehow I am never quite ready to believe all the stories he tells me.

Guest Four… Nobody home… walks around OK but never makes eye contact and always has the same blank expression… doesn’t see you… looks right through you… Except Once… as she walked past my sound desk and looked straight into my eyes and gave me the most beautiful smile I have ever seen, before lapsing back into her prison once more.  

That smile is what Heaven must be like.


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