Examine your heart…

Examine your heart...

I’m grateful that we are currently doing a series on thankfulness (yes, pun intended)! There are many ways to encourage and cultivate thankfulness within our lives. One such way is simply to reflect on the day that was. On the first Sunday in this series, I shared the ‘Prayer of Examen’ (or a slightly modified version of the original by Ignatius of Loyola) – a prayer, or perhaps series of questions or thoughts that can shape our reflecting and praying. I encourage you once (or more) this week to use it to reflect on what we have been grateful to God for.

  1. Be grateful for God’s blessings (ask God to reveal). (Eph 5:20, Col 3:17)
  2. Review the day with openness and gratitude, looking for times when God has been at work and times you may have ignored him.
  3. Pay attention to your emotions in order to listen to God. (Why do I feel that way? – Ps 139:23)
  4. Express sorrow for sin and ask for God’s forgiving love. (1 Jn 1:9-10)
  5. Pray for the grace to be more available to God who loves you. (Rom 12:1)
    As Christ followers we are a grateful people. Jesus has given us plenty to be grateful. I pray over you favour where you go with gratitude over grumbling.

Stef Maslen, Upper Coomera campus Pastor.


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