First Quarter Team Pastor

First Quarter Team Pastor

At our church meeting on Tuesday night the church strongly affirmed GOD’s leadership in appointing Dean herring as our First Quarter Team Pastor!! The affirmation from members was 90%, and 80% from the non-members present (8) as well. There were 49 members who participated in the vote through attending the meeting or postal votes, including 42 present at the meeting which was more than required for a quorum. Please pray for Dean as he takes on this role, and as he, with the church leadership, looks to fill the ministry support positions that are part of his team.

Pray for our kids, youth and young adults that we would see disciples multiplied amongst them and through them. Pray too that integrating this role under one pastoral oversight will build to greater integration of our young adults, youth and kids across the church and at our campuses.

Thanks to all those who prayed, who attended forums, and who put in postal votes and who attended last Tuesday night’s meeting. Thanks as well to Deb Ward, Stefan Maslen, Hano bester and Tim Cromwell who joined with me in the Youth Team Pastor Investigation Team.

As you have heard me say many times, the key to church growth is letting the Lord lead us: having the Lord build the house (Psalm 127:1) and the Lord Jesus build the church (Matthew 16:18). Our creative insight into our culture, crafting new ways of doing ministry, and prayerful cries to God are all important, but we can do that and not let God lead us. It is moments like this where we align ourselves again to His priorities and His leadership. Let us continue to walk arm-in-arm as one following after our King, Lord, Master and Friend, the Lord Jesus as he leads us onward.


Matt Hunt is the Lead Pastor at CrossLife.

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