So what do we do? Keep on sinning, so God can keep forgiving? I should hope not! Romans 6:1 (The Message)

In Matthew Jesus teaches us that God does not work to a quota system with forgiveness, as Peter initially thought…his disciple thought that forgiveness given 7 times was more than enough. In those days the Jews thought that 3 times was enough, so Peter thought that surely 7 times was being VERY generous. But then Jesus surprised Peter by giving the heavenly formula – 70 times seven! Ad infinitum – without ending; repeated again and again in the same way; constantly; forevermore; endless! God does not add up the times HE has granted us forgiveness. He does not keep a record of the times we have asked for forgiveness… what a blessing that is for all of us!

However on the other hand, we do not have license to commit sin. Paul talks about this very clearly in the verse above. Grace does not give us a ‘free pass’ to commit sin. But if we do sin, remember that we can be accepted by God through Christ. Do not give up or feel trapped in any mess that you might find yourself in. Forgiveness is there for the asking.

At the same time, after YOU receive this phenomenal forgiveness of God, you should lavishly share it with others. Do not keep a record of the times they have wronged you. FORGIVE and FORGET…..and do it with an attitude that has no bitterness or reproach.

Father in heaven, keep us forgiven in you, and forgiving others.


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