Free Online Course – wealth with purpose

Free Online Course - wealth with purpose

Thanks for your ongoing prayers regarding the finances not only for the church, but also Young Discoverers and CrossLife Property and our community tenants. Thank you for your ongoing giving both online and in cash.

We are all being financially challenged at this time and I thought I’d share with you a resource that could be helpful for you from Alex Cook. Alex spoke at our combined service at Southport back in 2017 and has a great online resource called “Steps to Financial Freedom”. He is now making this online resource free with the following comment,
In light of these world events, we’ve decided to offer our Financial Freedom Express course for free for the next 3 months. This course is an online video course, made up of 34 modules of 5-minutes each. Each module includes a short video, module notes and tools to help people get their finances in order.

To access Alex’s great resource follow this LINK:


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