Free Speech

Free Speech

I have been watching this story unfold with interest because a number of significant ideas are crashing into each other in ways that have not been seen in our generation within Australia.

It can be said that the days of Noah, the age of the Kings from the Bible and the times of Christ, as examples, illustrate man’s condition when God is banned from a culture. So Christians can be well versed with the consequences of bad social decisions we older Australians are currently seeing unravel. For example, there is now a full generation of young people that holds for their future no hope because there is no main stream basis for Hope such as in Christianity being offered to them.

I see in Israel Folau a young Christian trying to be true to His new Christian faith. I have seen older Christians write articles like “We don’t need more Judgmental Christians”. But a Young Christian can have several different things at work in their life at the same time. The can have a more passionate outlook in a similar way to young lovers. God can be growing them in their understanding or they can be just headed in the wrong direction. This is a time when more mature Christians can be disciplers and encouragers rather than ripping him to shreds in public. This is an opportunity for the church to journey with a new Saint.

There is the debate of Free Speech. While I don’t usually follow shock jocks lookup Alan Jones recent article on this topic in the context of Israel Folau and include reading the associated comments. The lines have definitely been blurred on what we can say and can’t say any more. Even the role of Facebook has changed the world for how unfiltered information gets disseminated and believed such that many countries are forcing it to censor the content or be heavily fined. The censoring of which is up to Facebook in the first instance. This is an absolutely full truckload of worms.

All of this social change is shutting down much of our external voice. We are becoming scared to witness

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.” Proverbs 9:10.

One reason this is so because it is only God that can promise us a future full of true Love and Hope.

Further, it is wise to reflect on what Jesus said in such changing times in John 15:18-21. Where he says the world hated Him without cause and so the world will treat us likewise. We should be honoured to be put into the same category as Jesus and to know that he foreknew this would happen to prepare our hearts and minds to not be overwhelmed by the worlds sad response to His Good News.


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