Gentle Jesus

Gentle Jesus

There are a number of scriptures about being Gentle such as “Show a gentle attitude towards everyone. Titus 3:2”, But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.(Gal5:22-24)”

We are given two contrasting images of Christ. That of the Lion and that of the Lamb. The Lamb being seen more as the Grace of God and how gentle Jesus is with his people. Always forgiving and loving. Now isn’t this the type of God that you want in your life? One that always extends grace to His people.

And for those of us who have decided to follow Jesus we are told to put on the mind of Christ. So doing this includes learning gentleness.

About 20 years ago I was confronted by a fellow employee who told me I didn’t have the spine to be a manager. After the confrontation I had a strong recalling of the verse to “always show a gentle attitude towards everyone”. God was reassuring me of the way to persevere in this situation.

In a church setting I have been told that I avoid confrontation. But people miss seeing what is going on. Not just with me but with others who are serving you. These people are being gentle. They see what is happening in people’s lives – both the destructive and the blessed. Our role is to walk gently with our brothers and sisters arm-in arm while they complete their journey. By being an encouragement and support. Not by being confrontational and autocratic.

Now back to being gentle. I recall that my mother had hand stitched a prayer that hung in my bedroom as a child. It started “Gentle Jesus meek and mild …” This is part of a Charles Wesley hymn. It has been said that to be gentle Jesus had to demonstrate strength of self-control. Particularly at the time of his trial so that he could them be the sacrificial lamb for His children. This is a long way from having no-spine.

This gentleness is a core attribute that Jesus wants His children to grow in.


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