Headlines catch our attention. In the past a good newspaper editor was a master of writing attention-getting headlines. These days our news is often online and ‘headlines’ are sometimes referred to as ‘click-bait’ – something that makes you click through to the article – and which may or may not have much to do with the article itself.

Good headlines serve an important purpose. They grab attention, are memorable and sum up the story succinctly. They are not, however, the full story. They are not meant to be.

What’s this got to do with Crosslife? Well, whether you know it or not, we’re in the ‘News’ business. All who follow Jesus are – or should be. We have been given Good News (that’s the literal meaning of the word ‘gospel’) and we’ve been told to pass it on to all who have not heard (Acts 1:8).

In these days of a changing media landscape, where stories are sensationalised to suit, bad news sells and ‘fake news’ makes the news. So what is our job as messengers of the ultimate Good News?


We need to remember two important things about the Good News.

Firstly; It is NEWS!

It is too easy to forget that many people have not heard the Good News. Not just in the deepest jungles of PNG or Peru. In Helensvale, Highland Reserve and Southport there are many who have never heard a true account of the Good News.

Secondly, It is GOOD!

In our concern about everything that goes with being part of a church family we can get so caught up in the frustrations, failures, finances and fallout, that we forget that we have amazingly Good News!

If it’s so easy to for us to forget the very basics of the Good News (that it is good, and that it is news) then how can we ever share it the way we are meant to?

Part of the answer is HEADLINES!

Headlines – while not telling the full story – can help us remember how good this news is. They also give us an easy way to introduce the news to others.

So…..Here are the Headlines

God Made Me.
God Loves Me.
Jesus Wants to be My Friend Forever.

I Hope these will help you to remember and to share the Good News.


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