Heaven Came Down

Heaven Came Down

Creator God had spoken the galaxies into existence, and yet….when the Son made His visitation to planet earth, he owned not even one small plot of land.

He left the infinite splendours of Glory, and yet….the Messiah had ‘nowhere to lay his head.’

He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and yet….his first bed was a feeding trough.

Man had been formed from the dust of the earth, and made alive with the very breath of God, and yet….man would use their breath to express contempt for the Son of Man.

In the earth are bounteous deposits of gold, silver and precious stones, and yet….the Son of God did not even possess a half shekel to pay the temple tribute levy.

He provided trees, plants, and grasses to feed mankind, and yet….when Jesus was hungry and plucked grain on the Sabbath day, he was scorned for being “unlawful.”

He came with Power to break the chains of evil and bondage, and yet….when doing so, was accused of being demon-possessed.

He is Love personified, in all its purity and wonder, and yet….He knew more than any man, what it was to be despised and hated intensely.

His garments were the simple tunic of the poor and a woven cloak which served as a blanket at night, and yet….even these were stripped from him by pagan soldiers.

He was the Author of all Life, and yet….he surrendered to the most brutal, degrading death imaginable, to bring salvation and hope beyond measure.

Time and Eternity belongs to our Redeemer to use as He wills, and yet….He now lives, in constant intercession before the Father. For you. For me.


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