Hilltop building starts

Hilltop building starts

It might just look like a pile of dirt and a few diggers in the background, but here is the first photo of builders on the new site for our CrossLife Highland Reserve campus! They arrived last Wednesday and work is going ahead. Such a large site requires a fair bit of work to settle and get ready for slabs to be poured and structures to be constructed, but it all starts somewhere.

Where you see the diggers in the picture is where the new Young Discoverers Outside of School Hours Care centre will be built. As you move right across the site the community function centre and café will be next, followed by the community office and possible medical centre and gym behind that.

There is much more work to go in the months ahead. We are aiming for completion by October 2017. Keep watching for more exciting updates as we see this important community venue develop for the northern Gold Coast!


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