How Our Culture Thinks

How Our Culture Thinks

I watched a video the other day that elaborated on the seven errors of Charles Darwin. Darwin was not a scientist – he was a philosopher. But he made stories about science and the world bought his stories. And his stories changed the world view in many ways. His philosophy gave birth to Atheism as a religion. Because people were looking for a way to not believe in a creator God.

In Darwin’s day the cell was thought to be the smallest part of the human body. It was thought of being like a brick. A single living blob. There was no understanding that there was more to learn inside. Today there are more than 20 scientific disciplines that are studying how the human cell functions. Darwin knew of none of these sciences.

The world bought the stories of Darwin hook, line and sinker. We can barely go a day without hearing of evolution. That is the story of going from a single cell in a slim pool to humans of today. Our current generation of school children has little knowledge of a creator God.

As a result of Darwin’s Theory the Tree of Life came into being that attempts to show how each living organism (2.3 million apparently) is related to the first single cell. There are so many Tree’s of Life that they number in the many hundreds. With new version coming out with each new Scientific Discovery.

At the end of the day, this Tree of Life is an amazing example of how the world can think up a new belief system based on some wrong thinking.

Most areas of science are coming up with similar conflicting stories to the slim to you theory. Recently, researchers looking at the universe through things like the Hubble Space Telescope have new findings that do not support the Big Bang Theory either. The newer scientific discoveries are showing the Bible a more reliable source of truth than our world wants to admit. It’s worth following these new findings because they will strengthen your faith.

The Bible is standing the test of time and of Truth.


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