Introducing a trial of the CrossLife Internship

Introducing a trial of the CrossLife Internship

Today we are happy to announce a trial of a new initiative for CrossLife in 2017: the CrossLife internship.

It is something that aligns with our church constant of one CrossLife leadership development track. It has been something close to my heart both in terms of the development of our current staff (our current pastoral staff have all ‘come through the system’ of internal mentoring and development through Southport and Helensvale) and in terms of my investment in young adults over the years of my ministry.

Late last year Dean and Aaron raised with me the possibility of investing in the development of Ashley Pilbeam, a young adult from our Helensvale campus. Last year Ash went to the US to work with teams in a summer camps programme over the northern summer – and he is keen to do so again in 2017. Currently he is involved in our Helensvale Amplify youth leadership team and has recently taken on the leadership of The Journey at Helensvale.

I discussed with Ash in late December and left with him to consider over the New Year break. We met in early January and he indicated he would be keen to be part of a trial CrossLife internship. The trial internship would run for 14 weeks from 01 February to 10 May after which Ash is planning to return to the US until August for the northern summer for the camping season.

Ash will be mentored both personally and in ministry by a number of people, and he and I have identified some key learnings and books we will read together over this period. In all Ash will be doing about 3 days a week investment in ministry at CrossLife.  There is no commitment to an internship after August at this time. We will do a review of the trial in June-July and decide if this should be a more permanent ministry option for the future.  Our CLT’s will be part of that discussion along with our Board and Elders.

It is exciting to work with a young man who is exploring what the Lord is crafting in him for his life and ministry. Although Helensvale will be the campus which has the most direct benefit of this trial internship with Ash, his involvement at Helensvale will allow other people to be involved in ministries at other campuses. For example, as Ash leads the Journey at Helensvale this strengthens the Journey across all campuses by releasing Dean to his supervisory role at the Journey Highland Reserve, as well as encouraging Southport kids to be involved.

As this is this is a CrossLife whole of church initiative, there is no expectation for any campus offering to contribute to this trial internship. The funding has been underwritten by an individual church member who is keen for us to start investing in our young adults in this way. This is an exciting opportunity for both CrossLife and Ash.  Please pray for Ash and the internship, including his ministry leaders and mentors. I hope you see Ash at different times over the next 14 weeks, and then pray for him as he, possibly, returns to the US in May!!


 G’day, I’m Ash and I have been attending Crosslife for 10 years.

I started attending the youth group in 2006 and in 2008 I gave my life to Christ at a camp. Since then I have been involved in the youth group. In 2016 I set off to the USA to work at a Summer Camp, teaching to children from 1st to 12th grade the love of Christ. Upon returning I have taken on more responsibility by leading The Journey at HV and helping at Crossroads on a Tuesday.

I am hoping that I can grow more in my knowledge of Christ through this internship and be able to disciple those around me. I am not sure on my ultimate end goal, but I will wait and listen to the what God is calling me to.


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