introducing… NITE SHIFT…

introducing... NITE SHIFT...

Nite Shift is a program for students in year 11&12. It currently sees 4-6 regular students come along and have their own space. We have been to Bounce, iPlay and to see a movie, as well as a games and pizza night and hangouts at the park. We even have a mascot.

What I have found great in this group is the relaxed welcoming atmosphere, where the pressures of school, life and the world can be left behind, even if only for a couple of hours. They can let go of “society norms” and just be.

The goal of Nite Shift is to do what they want to do. If they want to study, we’ll study, if they want to go on an adventure, we’ll do that. Although it isn’t all just about hanging out.

I know that the students attending not only chat when we meet, but they will check in with each other and see how they are going. They are finding who they are in this space, and then going out into the world.

Please be praying for the Nite Shifters as some will be taking their final exams and graduating, and as we welcome year 10 students to come and join in.

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