Life’s a Beach

Life's a Beach

If you’ve ever been to Whitehaven Beach you will know the stunning beauty of billions of grains of sand when they all get together.

Beach sand is angular and under the right conditions locks grain to grain to form a firm pavement as anyone knows who has run on the sand after the tide has retreated.   So much so that motor races can even be held on these surfaces.    This is why concrete usually has a proportion of beach sand in the mix and beach sand can even be built on, providing the area is adequately contained to prevent water erosion.      Desert sand in contrast is rounded and the grains cannot lock together as beach sand does and is not as useful in construction.

But really it’s the beauty that attracts us to the beach, rather than the sands’ mechanical properties.

It is a pity that on some beaches egotistical rocks shove themselves into prominence, destroying the view and injuring toes.   These stones refuse to be ground down to the size of humble sand grains and are unwilling to take their small part in the overall beauty of the body of the beach.

To understand the parable of the beach, take ten minutes out to read 1 Corinthians chapters 12, 13 and 14.    Don’t get into the theological and controversial depths of these chapters, just breeze through and pick up the overall picture; like taking in the whole panorama of a beach at a glance instead of counting the grains of sand.

For perhaps the beach can teach us what God would want His Church to be like.

Yeah, life’s a beach.


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