Light Years

Light Years

The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective James 5 v 16NIV

Here’s a snippet of good news for us all – the distance between heaven and earth is shorter than we’ve ever thought. On the day that the feet of Jesus touched the earth, this distance shrunk dramatically. On that day the chasm between heaven and earth was bridged forever! No longer do we have to rely on our own attempts to reach God. Such attempts will come to nothing in any case. Jesus Christ really is the only connecting road between God and us.

The best way to keep to Christ’s road is through prayer. The minute we start praying we are actually present in the throne room of the Almighty. Doesn’t that just blow your mind! By way of a simple prayer in the name of Jesus we are transported to the presence of God in a divine instant.

A prayer spans the distance between heaven and earth faster than any txt message! The speed of prayer easily beats any high-speed Internet connection! For a prayer to overtake the speed of light is plain sailing. Banish any distance between heaven and earth today in your prayers…..connect to God in the name of Christ.


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