Living well dying well

Living well dying well

Thank you so much for your prayers and support for my family and I as we said goodbye, or ‘see you later’, to my Dad, John Hunt in recent weeks. He died on Sunday 26th February at about 615pm Qld time, as I was waiting at Brisbane airport to board a flight to see him one final time. When I arrived in Sydney later that night I went straight to his room and joined my brothers, sister and some of their families as we remembered Dad and shared out thoughts and memories of both Dad and Mum together.

Some of you at Helensvale may remember my Mum and Dad. They regularly visited the church in the years after we moved up here in 2002. Amongst lots of reasons why that might be case, one of them was because Mum and Dad were focused on people, helping them in many and various ways, but always with the goal of helping people to love, know and follow the Lord Jesus: Mum and Dad were people who sought to make disciples as the Lord Jesus commanded us (Matthew 28:18-20).

As I prepared for his funeral, I was struck again by this in a deeper was as people spoke of Dad, and mum’s, influence on their lives. Once such person was Judy Peterkin, who served in Anglican ministry in various capacities all over the world. She served as a missionary in South America during the 1970’s, and was amongst the first women ordained as a priest in an Australian Anglican diocese in Perth in the late 1990’s. Unfortunately Judy could not attend the funeral and she emailed the following to our family during the week before. I hope someone could say this about me one day,

“I valued your father as a faithful friend – always outgoing and enthusiastic, sensitive and forgiving, appreciative of other’s gifts, there for you when needed. I remember well the warmth of hospitality I experienced in your parent’s lovely home at Killara, their hospitality and genuine love of the Lord, their love and care of each other and their love for you their children. Your father was a man of encouragement, creativity and hope.”

I will miss my Dad, as I miss my mum. As many of you know, it’s quite confronting to know that you are now live without your parents around! But they lived well and died well. And a lot of the reason for that was that they were about people. May we all live well and die well under King Jesus with the same heart and practise just like many people who have gone before us, including John and Dorothy Hunt, have done.

Thank you once again for your love and prayers for us at this time.

Matt Hunt
Lead Pastor


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