Locks, Bolts & Bars

Locks, Bolts & Bars

I love that old painting of Jesus standing knocking at the door, don’t you?

Looking at it for the first time, it takes you a quite a while to twig that there’s no handle on the outside. It’s an incredible thought that Almighty God should want to bother knocking. Why not just walk in, or through for that matter?

Maybe it’s because God is a gentleman. Yeah, that must be it. All that stuff he wrote in his Word about love and forgiveness wouldn’t mean much unless he demonstrated it himself would it? If he told us to love one another and didn’t love us; if he said forgive your brother 70×7 and then wouldn’t forgive us…well. I guess he’s shown that he is indeed a gentleman. There’s a place called Calvary and a whole Book he’s written to us.

Now one would not think that God being a gentleman could possibly be a problem to us human beings. But then we are highly skilled at locating trouble.

The problem is God only comes in when and as far as he is invited. So, that leaves us in charge; which is, of course what Adam and the rest of us wanted in the first place. As the handle is only on our side of the door, it’s up to us how far we turn it.

The other day as I pondered this handle turning, I realized that out of all the Christians that I have known over my lifetime I only know of about a dozen or so who have seriously opened that door. Apparently all the rest of us seem to be content with the door open just a crack, enough to let our salvation in.

I’ve been around long enough now to see that all church and personal troubles come back to this one issue; to open or not to open, that is the question, for everyone.

I don’t think this is a matter of spending a month on a mountain top seeking the ultimate holiness. I reckon we just need to respond to whatever God is nudging us about right now. Is it ministry, restitution, forgiveness, career, relationship? Whatever it is, it’s in your mind right now. That’s what God wants of you now.

Perhaps today you might like turn that handle just a little further?


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