Well, here I am, raking through the grass back of the Helensvale church and I can’t find the small brass fitting missing off the Crossroads BBQ! (Don’t ask how this came about, please.)

I do think, though, that I now understand just a little how that lady who lost one of her ten silver coins felt as she swept every corner of her darkened house searching. Pity I don’t know how she felt on finding it for I still don’t know where the brass fitting is! Without this brass fitting, (the cheapest/smallest part of the whole BBQ) there is no tucker!

Jesus talked of the loss of a silver coin, a sheep, a son and the death of a sparrow. All of these have in common the great value placed upon them as evidenced by the effort expended and longing for their recovery and in mourning their loss.

This value far exceeded their mere monetary worth:- a day’s wages for the coin, $200 for the sheep, $160 for all the chemicals that make up the son and one halfpenny for the sparrow.

So, what are we worth?   Well, we’ve all felt the downside on this delivered via attitude, verbal and violent abuse etc. to demean and devalue us. Recognise this?…

You are not good enough!!”…signed The World.

God’s valuation of us is, however, in no way like the worlds’.   His appreciation of us is reflected in the deep desire of the Lady, the Shepherd, the Father and God for the Coin, the Sheep, the Son and the Sparrow.

The sparrow particularly interests me as Jesus talks as if God goes to each sparrow’s funeral personally. And then says we are of more value than “Many Sparrows”.

Actually, God goes much further than this and in 1Cor.12:22 calls us “Indispensable”; that is, He can’t do without us!

So, may we value ourselves and each other as God does.

Luke 15, Matt 10:29:31.


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