Mabel’s baptism testimony

Mabel's baptism testimony

I was born in a very traditional Catholic family in India. I was a staunch catholic for nearly 49 years. I have two children, the oldest is my son Jude who lives in Canberra. I live with my daughter Teresa now and have three grandchildren.

My son Jude was first saved and became a Christian when he was in his twenties. It is through him that I came to the Lord. 26 years ago I received Christ and never turned back even though I had to face opposition from my husband and my family. I worshipped in the Baptist church in India and grew stronger in my faith. I have found a new family in this church and this feels like home for me. I thank God for this blessing and hope that through this baptism, I will go forth to be used as his instrument to do his work.

God bless and thank you.


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