Membership @ CrossLife

Membership @ CrossLife

What ‘church membership’ means at CrossLife

At CrossLife we see membership as a reflection of the Lord’s guidance in bringing someone to CrossLife as their ‘spiritual’ home. It is a local and physical expression of our deeper connection to the broader body of the Lord Jesus across time and geography (1 Cor 12:12-13).  To this end membership is ‘open’ at CrossLife, that is, you don’t have to be baptised as a believer to become a member at CrossLife, rather anyone who follows the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and can personally hold to our Statement of Faith can be a member at CrossLife.

What about Baptism?

CrossLife is a Baptist church, which means we hold to the belief and practise of believers’ baptism. This means that Christian people get baptised after they have started following the Lord Jesus and not before  We teach practise and encourage this approach to baptism because we believe it is the approach the Bible teaches. We do not make it a prerequisite for membership; however, members of CrossLife need to be able to hold to that belief, and, maintain before God and with the Church Leadership or Life group leadership a deliberate and prayerful consideration of believer’s baptism.


What’s the heart of ‘church membership’ at CrossLife

The heart of church membership at CrossLife is how we serve and contribute in and through CrossLife. We believe members of the church must not be consumers of the church, but servers of the church. God gives gifts to each one of us for the good of others, and calls us to use them accordingly (1 Cor. 12:7).  If anything, becoming a member means we give more to the church, not less.  You could say it’s not so much the ‘privileges of membership’, but the ‘responsibilities of membership’! These are set out in our Constitution at I.C.


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