New CrossLife Board Chair

New CrossLife Board Chair
Amy Seth

It is an honour to have been asked to Chair the Crosslife Board.

My husband and I have been at Crosslife Upper Coomera coming up 4 years and I have been a Board member the last 18 months. As a Board member, it has been gratifying to work as a team to put plans in place to see the budget deficit restored and The Well building project completed. To use my skills with a talented group of others is rewarding.

I was privileged to grow up in a Christian family and came to faith at a young age. My parent’s church planted a Baptist church and I had a Christian school education. All my siblings attend Crosslife Upper Coomera. My faith truly became alive as a teenager when I was a part of a mission trip to Tonga. Following that I attend Griffith University and was involved as a student leader with Griffith Christian Students run by AFES. It was through GCS that the skill of evangelism was taught to me. Following graduation I was a member of the GCS Supporters Committee until I resigned upon having my second daughter in 2015.

I have previously been a member of a Christian School company and am actively involved at my daughter’s school as the class parent representative. I currently still run the church service roster for Upper Coomera also. My interests outside of work and church include music and playing the piano, sport (watching more than playing nowadays) and travel.

My husband Samit and I have been married almost 9 years and have our 2 beautiful daughters aged 4 and 6 and Samit’s son aged 14. Together we run a law firm in Logan Central practicing all aspects of criminal defence law and a large case load of Child Protection Law. It is our desire for all who come through the firm to see a glimpse of Jesus’s love through the way we interact and assist those in need of our legal skills. Most who need our assistance legally also need assistance in getting their lives ‘back on track’ and we aim to assist everyone holistically. I have been in practice 11 years and was a District Court Judge’s associate, then in-house for a Government Department before joining private practice. Since having children I practice part-time so I am able to be at home with the children. To be able to spend quality time each day with the kids, and to be actively a part of their daily lives, is my greatest joy.

God has placed me in a unique position currently to step in and out of the corporate and mother role and to use my skills in both areas. Ironically, this year God has called me to co-run the Upper Coomera playgroup and a number of times I have packed up playgroup, changed and gone straight to Court. It is not lost on me the sense of humour God has when we let him use our skills for his Kingdom!

As Board Chair my goal will be to continue the good work Bruce has done in guiding the Board and church through a difficult financial time and to consolidate the better position we now see ourselves in. Further, it will be my aim to use my skills in good governance and administration to ensure the Board has the appropriate policies and procedures in place to take our ever growing church forward and to put in place clear plans for the future.

I was encouraged to have been approached by Matt and the Elders to take on the role of Board Chair. For the Elders and greater church to recognise the skills of females, and release them in all areas of church life and especially in leadership, is commendable.

Amy Seth.


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