Old Friends

Old Friends

Walked into Helensvale Church the other day and was immediately struck by a sense of loss.  Looking round I realized some old friends of mine had passed on.  It’s always sad when this happens and particularly when you have known them intimately over a long time.

Sometimes even old friends can be difficult to get on with as was the case with our old sliding (?) doors.  They had got to the stage where, if they were horses, they would have been shot long ago.     Every screw, spring, cam, wheel and clamp was so stripped, bent, worn or otherwise past its use by date that there was no way those doors could be set up to slide and close properly.  The best one could do was compromise… massively.

Consequentially, the only folk able to operate them effectively were those with ministries in “Jiggling-It-a-Bit” or “Brute Force”.

Look, I’m not sorry they’re gone, I’m just missing them cause I knew them so well and they had such character.  I have introduced myself to each of their replacements in turn and I’m sure we will get on OK.

It’s made me realise I have been missing some other old friends.  I was pretty close to some of the folk among the fifty or so who went from Helensvale to start Highland Reserve.  We shared in prayer and ministry together and had similar thoughts about things.  I guess you could call it being of the same mind, or spiritual unity.

While it is impossible to measure the spiritual effect of the loss of so many folk, it must be something akin to losing an arm off the Body of Christ.  I don’t know about Southport or Highland Reserve but I do think Helensvale has not fully recovered yet and should look to our door renewal as a symbol of the spiritual renewal that God’s Holy Spirit is doing among us.

So, each time you pass through one of our brand new sliding doors, perhaps you could offer up a prayer for renewal and ask God to fill you afresh with his Holy Spirit.

Of course this whole experience can only ultimately strengthen us for as James chapter 1 says, “Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”.



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