Online material for Happy Kids

Online material for Happy Kids

Kids Tribe resources…

April 26 – ‘Kids Church’ talk with Emma

April 19 – ‘Kids Church’ talk & craft with Matilda & Bubbles

Watch this fantastic kids talk Matilda does during the broadcast. Its a great CRAFT activity for our kids to do which affirms the theme of the day!!

An Easter ‘Kids Church’ Experience – different videos for different ages.

Here is a kids talk from Helensvale’s Miriam Braithwaite from QuizWorx – have fun kids!

click on the picture to view… Video presentations for April 11 + 12 Preschool | Kids | Preteen

Colin Buchanan’s online video’s look to be released weekly. They are an excellent production. CLICK HERE

Kingdom City Church has pulled together a full 30min online production for kids which is really well done. CLICK HERE


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