ORANGE TIP: Being seen

ORANGE TIP: Being seen

In these last few weeks of CoVid we’ve become used to seeing people via screens. Perhaps we’ve missed seeing people ‘in real life’ or, perhaps the use of screens has opened up the possibility of connecting with more people, more often than you otherwise would.

What is without dispute is that we all need to be seen. Not all of us are comfortable being in front of people – whether on stage or screen or just being the centre of attention, but even those who would rather hide in a hole than speak in front of a group need to be seen for who they are, recognised that they belong, be loved as they are, believed in for who they can be.

Psalm 139 describes how clearly God sees us. How well God knows us. This is not meant to be a warning; “God is watching you so you better be good!”, it’s a prayer of acknowledgement of God’s goodness and care for us.

As parents we need to ‘see’ our children, to get a glimpse into what God is doing in their lives. Sometimes this might mean asking direct questions, other times not asking will be important. Some of us lately have had more time than usual with our kids – what an opportunity to see them better. For others we need to ensure we don’t miss our kids in the craziness.

And for all of us, the need to be seen goes beyond our biological families. We all need to be seen, whether at work, in our social lives or in our church family. Healthily allowing others to see us, warts and all, becomes much easier when we are assured that God, our creator and the giver of life in all its’ possibilities sees us, and loves us.