ORANGE TIP: Christmas Spirit

ORANGE TIP: Christmas Spirit

What does ‘Christmas Spirit’ mean to you? My whole life I have never really asked this question, so I find it an interesting thing to ponder. For some, maybe Christmas Spirit is about giving gifts, or decorating everything in red and green, or eating prawns for lunch on Christmas day. Maybe it’s about spending time with family. For me, I tend to do all these things on or around Christmas time but, that’s not what it is ALL about.

I want to take this opportunity to remind you all of what Christmas is truly about – the Lord Jesus! We have the great joy of celebrating year after year His miraculous birth and the hope that He brings to all of us. It is a time we remember that Jesus was born to save us. To remember that He would eventually take the penalty for our sin against God, die in all of our places, and be raised to life defeating ALL sin in the process, so that we might be reconciled to God and have a relationship with Him. HOW GOOD IS THAT?! This is the time of year we are reminded (as well as Easter of course) how great God’s love is for us, that He would send His only son to be born a humble baby and grow up to die for us.

If I am honest with you family, I don’t know what the point of celebrating Christmas is without this good news. And ‘Christmas Spirit’ without Jesus just seems rather empty. So I hope this year you dwell on the true meaning of Christmas, and I hope you share it with your families, neighbours, friends – everyone! It is too good not to!

On behalf of the First Quarter Staff team (Dean, Ash and Hannah) – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We pray for joyous and safe holidays for you all!


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