ORANGE TIP: Going Back…

ORANGE TIP: Going Back...

Last week we saw our year 11 & 12 students, with our first graders and prep kids head back to school. Next week we will see the rest of our students head back to school. A sigh of relief to some families I bet, but how are we helping our students return to school? Are we putting them back on the bus and saying goodbye till the afternoon? Or dropping them off and driving away?

Are we checking in with our students to see how they are coping? Some will thrive and are glad to be going back to school. Some will be anxious, having to return to a place where they may struggle daily. Nervous to face that bully who they haven’t seen for 2 months. Worried about being in their senior year and if this has affected their future endeavours.

I see adults who are struggling with having to go back into public places. Can we expect our students to not have these same struggles?

Let us check in with our students, see how they are doing, and seek advice from friends, families and our community.