ORANGE TIP: #Grateful

ORANGE TIP: #Grateful

Despite the obvious negatives and devastation that have come from this COVID season, I am grateful for a few things that may not have been possible if not for it.

  1. Quality family time. Life can get pretty crazy as we know, but COVID for a lot of people has meant they can slow down and spend time together as a family. I have heard wonderful stories of the cool things that families have been able to do together (e.g. bake, have movies nights, go for family walks etc etc.) which were much harder to squeeze into busy schedules beforehand. Personally, I have found more time at home very beneficial for my still-very-new-marriage!
  2. Church in a different way. I have really enjoyed the online broadcasts and the interaction online! And though I have not personally been to a physical service yet, I have loved hearing stories of how different yet refreshing our ‘new normal’ church service is. I love how the creative listening space includes and involves people of all ages, but especially our kids! I really believe this will help us feel like a family all the more!
  3. Youth Life Groups. COVID actually sped up the process of a few youth life groups forming in the last couple months. As a result of isolation, services stopping and youth going online, there was an increased need among our youth for connection with each other and with Jesus, and we felt an urgency to speed up the process of implementing these life groups. Currently we have 3x small groups running, 2x girls youth years 8-10 and 1x online boys discord group. I have been SO encouraged leading one of the girls youth life groups. I have loved seeing them grow in their desire for God and to learn more about Him through His word! It has also been encouraging to see some of our senior youth flourish in their co-leading of these groups. God is doing great things in our young people and I’m so excited to be able to share about it with you all!

I’m so grateful for these new opportunities God is giving us to connect with one another and I’m excited (and a little bit scared) for what else He has in store!


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