ORANGE TIP: Keeping track…

ORANGE TIP: Keeping track...

I don’t know about you but I’ve had a hard time keeping my days sorted and knowing yesterday from today from tomorrow. The specific day of the week seems to be less important now or perhaps just less defined and structured. I’ve had to be more organised and to plan better in order to ensure things are not missed. This causes me some anxiety. I know I’m not getting everything done that I want to get done.

I’m reminded that, as Psalm 90 points out to us, life is short. That we have limited time and that being aware of this (“numbering our days”, as the NIV version says – vs.12) will help us to make wise choices. Awareness of our limited time helps us to prioritise those things Jesus would prioritise and to let go of the things that perhaps build our status, ego or other worldly ‘wealth’ and instead joining with God in seeing “your kingdom come, your will done on earth as in heaven” (Matt. 6:10).

Structuring my time then means not simply organising when will I get everything done, but prayerfully considering what I will do. What has God called me to do today, this week, this month? What is God calling me to do in my family, in my vocation, in my community? Am I prioritising the same things that God sees as important? Am I helping my family, teaching them, modelling to them, encouraging them to seek first the kingdom of God, trusting that, no matter what, God will add everything else we need – in God’s way and in God’s time. (Matt. 6:33).


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