ORANGE TIP: Pondering…

ORANGE TIP: Pondering...
Another CoVid resource???

We live in what some have called the ‘Information Age’ and it is interesting that as the current situation has closed down so much of our normal lives, the thing that has not been slowed is information. In fact it seems like everyone is producing, distributing, up-loading and linking to information. We seem to be experiencing information overload and yet at the same time we want clear, up-to-date accurate information – to know what is going on where and why and when and how – and whose fault it is!
Some of us love information. For others, we can feel burdened by too much information, sometimes even finding that having more information about the way something could or should be, or be done, leaves us feeling guilty or inadequate. My family (justly) accuses me of collecting, storing and passing on what they politely call ‘useless information’. On the other hand, I recently spent a month on a cycling tour and for over 30 days (with up to 10 hours a day alone on a bike) I meditated, chewed over, pondered, savoured and wrestled with just four verses from the Bible. It is the first time I’ve spent so much time on so ‘little’ information and I was blown away by the insights and challenges God gave me to deal with. Our system of education largely teaches us to churn through large chunks of information fast and spit out correct answers, but I’m now firmly convinced that there is an important place for slow, deep, calm consideration. There is room for pondering.

Jesus was a master at giving appropriate and helpful information at appropriate and helpful times. Reading the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the Bible) we can see Jesus taking the events, questions or circumstances that were going on around him and pointing to how they were like – or unlike – God’s kingdom. In a similar way we, with God’s Word and the Holy Spirit as our guide – and perhaps with others in our Life groups, care groups or youth groups, can consider the circumstances we find ourselves in and seek to uncover what aspects of God’s kingdom are revealed or distorted by what we see going on around us.

We find ourselves in unique circumstances right now. While we may feel overwhelmed, scared or confused there is also a unique opportunity to see God’s kingdom and work from a new perspective. Perhaps some of the new ‘information’ we are exposed to will throw a new light on God’s calling in your own life, in your family, in your neighbourhood, in your church, in your community.

So, for those that are keen on information, ideas and inspiration and like your information coming at you thick and fast to devour and process, I will continue to post links to some of the best resources for kids, youth and families that I come across (you can find these on the CrossLife website)

For those of you feeling overloaded already I encourage you to slow down the rhythm of your intake (as I was able to do on the bike ride). Perhaps find a Psalm or a section of a Psalm, perhaps just a couple of verses and intentionally sit with them, digest them, explore what they reveal, encourage or challenge, particularly in light of our current situation.

In either case I encourage you to intentionally and prayerfully Walk with God as you process the information.