We always hear that there is help and support out there, with the likes of Lifeline, Headspace and Bravehearts; but what about even closer support? Don’t get me wrong, these and other organisations are fantastic and help many people. But where is the personal touch?

Over the last few weeks I have found myself being that support person in the lives of people around me. Someone needs a lift to the shops, needs to talk through a tough situation at work or even just spending time with them. Was I doing these things before, yes of course, but I’m not sure if it was been more often recently or if I have just noticed it. I’m not trying to say “oh look at me. Look what I did”, because I also realise how often I do my own thing when I could help someone.

I have also recently needed the support of others around me, and even though I didn’t ask for it, they were there to support me. Christ’s Love was shown through them. It can be really difficult to ask for help, so why not offer help first?

Who will you support this week? It may seem like something small, but to them it could change their day, week, or even life.


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