ORANGE TIP: Take it to God

ORANGE TIP: Take it to God

I recently injured my knee (I’m okay, thanks for asking) so I went down to the chemist and got a knee brace. It hadn’t really gotten better so I went to the doctor. I have appointments coming up and I’ll see how they’ll go.

But why did I not go to God? I have access to this amazing creator and healer but I didn’t once go to Him. He has made the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk. He has risen the dead back to life. Why did I not to to God?

Maybe I thought I didn’t need to and I could do it myself. I would just buy the support and see a doctor. Maybe I thought it was too small a thing to take to Him and I didn’t want to bother Him. Why would God care about the small stuff.

God is all Loving and Caring. He will listen, care and help. It doesn’t matter what it is, He IS there for you.


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