ORANGE TIP: The same yesterday, today, forever

ORANGE TIP: The same yesterday, today, forever

It seems like it may still be too early to know if the light at the end of the CoVid tunnel is a bright new day or an oncoming train.

The uncertainty of everyday life can be tiring. Not knowing what next week will look like let alone next month or next year.
As I struggle to find a solid footing, to keep a balance in what feels like a strangely tipped over world, I have to be regularly reminded that the true horizon remains steady even as I’m tipped about.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb 13:8). This verse may be familiar to many of you but have you ever read it or heard it and thought “So….what?”

Perhaps the following verses in Hebrews 13 give us a framework for responding to this statement of the unchanging nature of Christ. At this time particularly these verses can give us some direction and momentum when we feel directionless or stalled.

Go outside the camp (v13). Don’t get stuck in the same old patterns and responses that the world considers ‘normal’. Instead follow the sacrificial example of Jesus.

Never stop offering our praise to God (v15). No matter the circumstances let’s recognise the goodness of God and His ultimate gift to us.

Don’t forget to do good (v16). Not to ‘earn’ anything from God but to respond to God and walk with God.

Don’t forget to share with others (v16). The opposite to hoarding and self-focus. This is a reminder that God has provided for us and we can share God’s goodness as we walk with others.

Parents, you have an amazing opportunity right now to live out the reality of ‘Trusting God no matter what’ in a way that your children will see and grow to understand. As you fix your eyes on Jesus and respond to his unchanging goodness by imitating him, your children will imitate you (sometimes). It will be your privilege, and blessing as a parent to see your children follow your example as you deal with the reality of loss, confusion, uncertainty and anxiety not by denying they exist but by choosing to recognise Jesus walking with us through the pain, unchanging, our rock, our hiding place, our saviour.