ORANGE TIP: What’s God Saying?

ORANGE TIP: What's God Saying?

What’s God Saying? First we have to listen!

This year at Youth we are looking at the theme of: What’s God saying? And what am I going to do about it?

But when thinking about this question for our kids and teens, I think its important to remember that we need to learn how to listen to God before we can hear what He is saying and then go and do something about it. Because God does and will speak to us, we just have to listen.

I once asked a trusted family member in my life “How do I know when/if God is talking to me?” He answered, “If you’re in tune with the Holy Spirit, you can know.” Which I totally agree with! But, my confused teenage-self back then, just felt even more guilty! If I’m not hearing God then I mustn’t be in tune with the Holy Spirit! Maybe I had to tune in more? I felt so guilty that I didn’t know how to listen, nor did I really know how to tune in.

Though I love that family member dearly, what I think would have been more helpful in that scenario, is if they instead told me about all the different ways God can speak to people, and the ways I could prepare myself to listen better. Maybe this would be helpful for your kids and teens too? Let’s teach them that God speaks to everyone differently! He speaks to us through:

  • His Word the Bible,
  • Other people
  • Creation, and the world around us
  • Through our circumstances
  • Dreams/visions
  • Many many more avenues I’m sure!

Let’s teach them the many ways to LISTEN for God’s voice and what He is saying to us. Let’s encourage our kids and teens to PRAY that God would reveal His voice to them. Let’s teach them and help them to spend time with God and read His word. Let’s model to them disconnecting from our busy world and engaging with and appreciating God’s Creation. Let’s model spending time with other believers and encouraging one another in our faith. What I’m getting at here is essentially: let’s help our kids and teens to be ready to listen to God, before we expect them to hear Him and do something about it.


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