ORANGE TIP: Words and Actions

ORANGE TIP: Words and Actions

We are all familiar with the idea that actions speak louder than words. It follows then that in raising our kids, as far as lessons go, our lives are more effective than our lectures.

I was struck by this recently when one of our kids was struggling with something they had to do. I knew they had tried hard and put in all the work and effort they could. This was not enough though to achieve at the level they wanted to achieve. In their frustration and stress at that point in time I knew, even as I was speaking, that my words of reassurance and encouragement were pretty much useless. Right at that moment, all the flowery words in the world would simply slide of the slippery shell of their disappointment.

As I pondered this episode of what felt like parental uselessness, I realised that only in the example of the way I live my life will the truthfulness of any encouragement I may offer be recognised. If my reactions and responses to similar situations of apparent failure in my own life demonstrate fear and defeat, then that pattern is likely to be mirrored. If on the other hand my example is of truthful acknowledgement of disappointment and timely, active trust in God and who God has made me to be, then I give my children a more healthy model to follow.

The greatest good I can do for my children spiritually, is to take good care of my own spiritual health.

It will be what they see that they become.

As reported by Huffpost, research shows;

“The holy grail for helping youth remain religiously active as young adults has been at home all along: parents.

Mothers and fathers who practice what they preach and preach what they practice are far and away the major influence related to adolescents keeping the faith into their 20s, according to new findings from a landmark study of youth and religion”(Briggs, Huffpost .com 2014).

What is ‘Orange’? Orange is a visual reminder that to help our kids follow Jesus the church and families need to work together.

If RED represents the love and heart of families for their kids…

And YELLOW represents the light that the church should be in the world…

Then ORANGE is when we come together, work together and guide our children together.


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