ORANGE TIP: You are the right parent for your child

ORANGE TIP: You are the right parent for your child

I recently read the following affirmation in the book ‘Growing With’ by Kara Powell and Steven Argue;

“No one loves your child the way you do.
You are the right parent for your child.
You have what it takes to be the best parent for your kid”.

I encourage you to stop reading now and consider these words for a while, struggle with them, question them, soak in them, meditate on them. Hear God’s encouragement, God’s peace, God’s challenge, God’s love for you. Re-read the words and let them drop from your head to your heart. Let God’s voice in.

This affirmation is incredibly important. If you are struggling to believe it then I encourage you to stop here and go back again, take the time to sit with God’s voice and hear His encouragement and challenge.

If we can begin to accept this affirmation then I believe there are three implications to take away;

Parenting is more about who you are than what you do. There is no checklist for ‘parenting well’. Good parenting does not mean doing everything correctly. Being a good parent means growing as a person, entering your relationship with your children as a learner, ready to learn from them, from your spouse, from your peers and most importantly from God. AS you model being a learner, and everything that comes with that posture, your children will see who you are is more important than ticking a checklist of expectations.

We can learn from others, but… we have unique relationships, circumstances, opportunities and skills which will impact our kids in ways parenting ‘techniques’ or tricks never will. You can learn from others – and you’d be silly not to. So ask the questions you have of people you trust and who you see parenting well (though they might not be so sure of their own abilities). Don’t get stuck on other’s ‘rules’ for parenting. Listen to them, but hold them lightly and explore, with God and your family how they fit the uniqueness of your family.

You are an important support person for other parents and children. When you know that you are the right parent for your child, you can share your experiences – the ups and downs – honestly and without editing out the mis-steps and failures along the way. You will be able to recognise that other parents, even when you disagree with them, are the right parents for their children and you can let them parent their children as they are called by God to parent them. You will be able to walk with them as fellow parents and fellow learners. It will also allow you to build healthy, respectful relationships with other people’s children, blessing them, and us all, with an extended church family.

What is ‘Orange’? Orange is a visual reminder that to help our kids follow Jesus the church and families need to work together.

If RED represents the love and heart of families for their kids…

And YELLOW represents the light that the church should be in the world…

Then ORANGE is when we come together, work together and guide our children together.


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