Out of the Ordinary

Out of the Ordinary

It always amazes me that Jesus could just walk out onto a beach and say to a bunch of guys sitting there messing about with their fishing nets, “Follow me”, and they just got up, abandoned their livelihood there and then on the sand and… “Followed Him”.   Matt4:18-22.

Today it would be like a Tradie leaving his Ute on the roadside without a thought for the twenty grands worth of tools and gear in the back or how he was going to now feed himself and his family.

Got to be something pretty big going on I reckon.

I think there’s a parable that explains it. Yeah, it’s about a treasure trove in a paddock. Seems there was this guy taking a shortcut home across Murphy’s Farm in the wet season when he suddenly sunk into some soft ground and got stuck. While wallowing around in the muck trying to get out he stubbed his toe on something hard and found it to be a wooden box full of gold. So, (somewhat unethically) he buries it again and sells up all his BHP shares, gets into his superannuation and borrows heavily against his business, home and the cat and puts an offer on Murphy’s Farm.

It cost him everything, because Murphy didn’t really want to sell… until he was made an offer he could not refuse. But now our friend has the gold, worth many times the cost of the farm.  Matt 13:44.

I guess the guys on the beach understood the true value of the Kingdom.

We can measure our appreciation of the value of the Kingdom of Heaven by our willingness (or not) to forgo self, embrace Jesus’ values and physically do what God calls us to.

May we all find that one “Pearl of Great Price”, for everything else in life is but a distraction.   Matt 13:45.


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